What I’m Reading: In Farleigh Field

One of my favorite genres is historical fiction, and the best one I’ve read recently is In Farleigh Field, by Rhys Bowen. It has a war, murder, romance, mystery and suspense, and Nazis! The setting is Farleigh Place in Kent, England, during World War II. The main characters are Lady Pamela “Pamma” Sutton, who works for a mysterious “government department;” Jeremy Prescott, RAF flying ace; and Ben Cresswell, who also works for a “government department.” Pamma is in love with Jeremy, and both Jeremy and Ben are in love with Pamma.


In Farleigh Field

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What I’m Listening To: Sandra Boynton

Sandra Boynton is, to put it simply, totally awesome! She has to be a genius, or at least a savant. She’s a great illustrator and writer, but she can write music too. It’s beautiful, funny music, and it’s written for children. Since I feel like I need an excuse to buy it, I use my grandchildren. I’m the one who listens the most, though. Sandra has written and illustrated lots and lots of board books, but I love her music books and CDs the best. The latest one is “Frog Trouble.”

Frog Trouble

Frog Trouble

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What I’m Reading: Jack Reacher Books

There are some authors whose books I feel compelled to read, no matter how many books they write. One of those is Lee Child and his Jack Reacher series. He has written 22 of these, and if you like mysteries and action heroes, I recommend them. When I knew I was going to write this post, I checked and found out I need to read a few to catch up. Fortunately, my local library has Kindle copies I checked out or reserved.

The first of the series is Killing Floor, in which we are introduced to Jack, a former military cop with a clock in his head. There are certain things Jack can do that make him unique: sometimes he walks for miles and miles; he is rootless and seldom has a destination in mind, just takes a bus or whatever; he never washes his clothes, just buys new ones; he always uses cash; and he can fall asleep and wake up exactly when he wants to.


Killing Floor

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What I’m Reading: English as She Is Spoke

What happens when people who don’t speak English attempt to write a Portuguese-to-English phrasebook? One of the funniest unintentional humor books of all time!

Two gentlemen wanted a helpful book for Portuguese students, but they didn’t have the right references. Instead, they used a Portuguese-to-French dictionary and a French-to-English dictionary. Produced in 1855, this publication became the Victorian equivalent of a viral video as friends passed it on to friends and laughed over the funny phrases.


English as She Is Spoke

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