What I’m Writing: 25-50% off SALE on 2017 LDS Primary Theme Series Kindle Books!

Hey! I’ve got really, REALLY good prices for you on my 2017 LDS Primary Theme Series Kindle books. They are marked down from 25% to 50% starting NOW! The books were written especially for the 2017 LDS Primary theme, “Choose the Right.” There are books for the Primary presidency and the chorister, for sharing time, singing time, and the children’s program.

My best-selling book is 25% off!
This book is for the Primary presidency and the chorister.
It has a pre-written script for the program plus a customizable Word version.
2017 Primary Children’s Program: Choose the Right

~2017 theme covers.cdr

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What I’m Reading: The INNcredibly Sweet Cozy Mysteries

Believe it or not (after that last post about the 32-book series), Summer Prescott has produced yet another cozy mystery series. Chas and Missy and the gang continue their adventures in Calgon at the inn and cupcake shop in this 15 or 16 book series, depending on whether a 12th book shows up. The first book is Irish Creme Killer. Characters from the Frosted Love series appear in this series also, so if you’re a fan of Spencer (my personal fave), Izzy, Tim, Echo, or the others, you’ll get to read more about them, too.


Irish Creme Killer

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What I’m Reading: Frosted Love Cozy Mysteries

I love reading series, I love cozy mysteries, and I love reading about things I seldom eat but wish I could eat more of. I mean, I’d weigh a ton if I ate cupcakes every day, but reading about people baking cupcakes costs me no calories, right? This series has everything… food, romance, plus an inn. Inns are excuses to have all kinds of unsavory guests and serve lots of fattening food, with endless possibilities for plot variations, and endless cupcake flavors.

This series has 32 books! Yes, now you can binge-read big time. For a long, long time. In these books, Missy Gladstone and Detective Chas Beckett team up to solve a murder in the tiny town of Calgon. The first book in the series is Murder Moist Fowl.


Murder Moist Fowl

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What I’m Reading: Cotton Malone Series

I love the antiquarian-historical-mystery genre! I first got hooked by watching Indiana Jones movies and reading Dan Brown. Berry’s Cotton Malone series starts with “The Templar Legacy.” You can guess what it’s about, right? The latest book in the series is “The Lost Order.” Cotton’s fascinating and full-of-action adventures have so far filled up 12 books, and they have all been fun reads – except the last one, which I have on hold in Kindle format at my local library. I have no doubt I’ll like it, too, as Steve Berry has never disappointed me, not once.


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What I’m Reading: The Shopkeeper

A few months ago, I struck gold. Not literally, but literarily. I like that word I just made up, because it applies to a series of western novels I started reading about a shopkeeper transplanted from New York City to the wild, wild west. This particular shopkeeper seems to run into the most wicked villains and make the best friends. He also falls in love with the wrong woman in this first book of the series. Not an ordinary shopkeeper!


The Shopkeeper

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