What I’m Reading: David Wolf Mysteries

Unstoppable. That seems to be the best word to describe David Wolf.

In the first book, Foreign Deceit, Wolf is looking forward to being appointed as Sheriff in Rocky Points, Colorado, when he gets devastating news:  in the Italian Alps, David’s brother has apparently committed suicide. After getting there, Wolf finds that there are suspicious circumstances and people not only lying to him, but trying to kill him.

Wolf 1

Foreign Deceit

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What I’m Reading: Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mysteries

Do you like ghost stories? If you do, then you ought to give this series a chance. There are 19 of these paranormal mysteries to sink your teeth into, and the plots are good enough that if it weren’t for most of Mary’s clients being dead, they’d still be good books. The first of the series is Loose Ends. In it, Mary, a former Chicago policewoman, is asked to find out why a ghost is appearing to a Senator’s wife. How do you use evidence that a ghost gave you in court? It’s a sticky problem.

Terri Reid 1

Loose Ends

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What I’m Reading: John Tall Wolf Series

Once upon a time, a Native American girl became pregnant by an unsuitable man, and she was forced by her horrible grandmother to kill her baby. The child was placed on a wooden stand in a hot and sunny place, and Coyote prowled nearby… waiting. And that’s why John Tall Wolf has to wear sunglasses most of the time, because before he was rescued by his adoptive parents, a professor and a bruja (witch), his eyes were damaged by the sun.

A Coyote is a shape-shifting demon, and that’s who/what John suspects his boss at the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Marlene Flower Moon, is. Wait, isn’t that supposed to be a bad thing to call Native Americans? Go figure. Not that John puts up with much bossing from Marlene – he’d much prefer she get promoted far, far away, because she’s still stalking him and trying to seduce him.

Tall Man

Tall Man in Ray-Bans

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What I’m Reading: Marty Singer Mysteries

Once in a great while, I read a book – which in itself is an accomplishment, since a lot of books don’t catch my interest in the first few pages and get dumped. Sometimes something interesting happens., as I start to care about the main character, and after that I can’t stop caring and wanting to see what happens next. Marty Singer is that kind of character. Bonus: well-written books with interesting plots, and imperfect, three-dimensional characters.

The first in the series of 6 books is A Reason to Live, and that’s exactly what it’s about.

A Reason to Live

A Reason to Live

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