What I’m Reading: The Life We Bury

I’m so glad modern libraries lend out e-books, because if I want to read something by a best-selling author, it’s not always available in Kindle Unlimited. Sometimes I go onto the library website and just look for available mysteries or whatever, and try a new-to-me author. That’s how I found this wonderful book and read it (I hardly ever read print books any more….).

The Life We Bury is Allen Eskens‘ first novel, and it was nominated for several awards. It won for the Best Debut Novel of 2014 at the Left Coast Crime Conference, winning the Rosebud Award. It was also named a finalist for the Edgar Award, the Thriller Award, the Anthony Award for Best First Novel, the Barry Award for Best Paperback Original novel, and the Minnesota Book Award for Best Genre Fiction. That means it has to be good, right? It is.


The Life We Bury

The plot revolves around a college English class assignment, which is to find a stranger and write a brief biography of the person. So Joe Talbert finds Carl Iverson in a nursing home and proceeds to interview him. Carl is no ordinary patient, however. Not only is Carl a Vietnam War hero, but he is also a convicted murderer who has been medically paroled to the nursing home to await his death. With his neighbor Lila, Joe digs into Carl’s past. Joe doesn’t believe Carl is a murderer, but Lila does. Can Joe prove it before Carl dies?

I recommend this book, and I plan to read Allen Eskens‘ other novels, because if his first one is this good, there’s an excellent chance his others are, too.

Allen Eskens

Thanks for reading!



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