What I Wrote This Year: 2018 Primary Theme Series

2018-ALL 300

2018 Primary Theme Series

I all started in 1994. My husband had been laid off from his work at Tektronix (one of the largest employers in Oregon) as a draftsman, was doing temp jobs, and I was at home in Estacada, Oregon, with our little girls. We had some friends who were  in our Ward, and they had a printing business in their home. They were doing printing for somebody who  lived in Beaverton (over an hour’s drive away from us) who was selling a quarterly teaching aids publication called The Grapevine in LDS bookstores. The author needed some help, and my friends sent me over to see her. She had me do all kinds of things, like make up a poem on the spot, play the pipes, and illustrate something. She hired me part-time to help her. I did so for about 2 years, but the thing that got me started publishing for myself was when she printed my first “Occu-Pads,” and took me with her to Salt Lake City to the LDS Booksellers Association convention. Continue reading


What I Just Got: Hog Wild!: A Frenzy of Dance Music

I know I blogged a while ago about Sandra Boynton’s wonderful CD songbooks, but I just got another book, and I like it so much, you get to hear about her AGAIN! This one is called “Hog Wild!: A Frenzy of Dance Music.” It’s great, like all her other music CD books. It’s devoted to toe-tappin’ dance music by fabulous artists. Where else could you listen to Laura Linney being a robot? Or Patrick Wilson sounding more like Elvis than the original?

Hog Wild

Hog Wild!: A Frenzy of Dance Music

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What I’m Reading: Maple Syrup Mysteries

Emily James writes the Maple Syrup Mysteries series, and there’s something she has done that I particularly appreciate. That is that she always makes a statement that her books are “clean reads, which is to say that she doesn’t have “swearing, gore, or steamy bedroom scenes.” I don’t need or like any of those, and often stop reading a book that includes them. Like that, they’re gone! I try to always support authors who do this… as long as they write good books.

The first book in the series is A Sticky Inheritance.

Sticky Inheritance

A Sticky Inheritance

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What I Wrote Last Year: FREE Downloads of My 2017 Primary Theme Series Books!

Every year for over 20 years, I’ve written books for the LDS Primary themes. There are a bunch of books every year, and I used to sell printed books to bookstores, but now I only sell them on Amazon in Kindle format, with free pdf and Word downloads for printing and/or editing, depending on the book. It’s almost the end of the year, so I’m putting the current 2017 ones up as free downloads. You may still be able to use them, and they serve as samples so you can see what the books are like in case you’re thinking of purchasing the new ones for 2018. Anyway, here they are – just follow the links to get your FREE downloads.

~2017 theme covers.cdr

2017 Primary Theme: Choose the Right

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