What I’m Reading: Maple Syrup Mysteries

Emily James writes the Maple Syrup Mysteries series, and there’s something she has done that I particularly appreciate. That is that she always makes a statement that her books are “clean reads, which is to say that she doesn’t have “swearing, gore, or steamy bedroom scenes.” I don’t need or like any of those, and often stop reading a book that includes them. Like that, they’re gone! I try to always support authors who do this… as long as they write good books.

The first book in the series is A Sticky Inheritance.

Sticky Inheritance

A Sticky Inheritance

The plot involves criminal defense attorney Nicole Fitzhenry-Dawes, who inherits her uncle’s maple syrup farm in Michigan. She knows nothing much about maple syrup making, but she does believe she isn’t a very good lawyer, and she’s also terrified of not being able to please her parents, who are both famous high-powered criminal defense attorneys.

Her uncle’s death was ruled a suicide, but Nicole doesn’t believe it, and she sets out to prove he was murdered. The police don’t want their town to be known for murder, so they try to ignore the obvious. Nicole feels that she doesn’t have any choice other than to investigate on her own. I recommend that you follow her adventures as she finds the truth, and keep reading until you get all the way through this very enjoyable seven-book series. Another thing: this series has great cover designs, which I always appreciate. Ugly covers can be painful to look at, though I’ll still read the books. Usually.

This is either Emily James, or her Great Dane puppy. Hmmmm…..

Emily James Great Dane puppy

Happy reading!


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