What I Wrote Last Year: FREE Downloads of My 2017 Primary Theme Series Books!

Every year for over 20 years, I’ve written books for the LDS Primary themes. There are a bunch of books every year, and I used to sell printed books to bookstores, but now I only sell them on Amazon in Kindle format, with free pdf and Word downloads for printing and/or editing, depending on the book. It’s almost the end of the year, so I’m putting the current 2017 ones up as free downloads. You may still be able to use them, and they serve as samples so you can see what the books are like in case you’re thinking of purchasing the new ones for 2018. Anyway, here they are – just follow the links to get your FREE downloads.

~2017 theme covers.cdr

2017 Primary Theme: Choose the Right

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What I’m Reading: Rosewood Series

Gloria Larsen knows that her birth mother was over 40, that she lived in a small town called Rosewood in Nebraska, and that she was accused of murder in 1974. That’s it. When she’s offered a job as a newspaper editor in Rosewood, how can she say no? She has to take it, and she has to find out who her birth mother is.


Thorns of Rosewood

This series by G. M. Barlean consists of three books, and asks the question, “How much damage can one evil/crazy person do?” Gloria finds four old ladies at a assisted-living facility who might be able to tell her what she wants to know.

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What I’m Reading: Senoia Cove Mysteries

When I binge-read an entire series and find myself impatiently waiting for the next installment, that’s when I need to tell others about the books. Now, we may or may not have the same taste in reading material, but good writing is still something to talk about. This series is well-written and has characters I’ve come to care about. The main mystery-solver is Felicity, who wanted to be an investigative journalist but finds herself planning parties instead. Actually, she likes it so much and is so good at it that she’s a great success.

And yet… that investigator part of her can’t be denied, so when the police arrest her friend for a murder, she doesn’t buy it, and she feels compelled to solve the case herself.


Dying for a Drive

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What I’m Reading: Jason Wade Thriller Trilogy

One of the best thriller writers around today is Rick Mofina. And lucky us, three of his best books with Jason Wade as the hero are available in the Jason Wade Thriller Trilogy. The three books are The Dying Hour, Every Fear, and A Perfect Grave. In the first book, Jason is interning at The Seattle Mirror, competing with others for a single reporter’s job. His competitors are ivy leaguers with extensive experience, while Jason put himself through community college and lacks experience. That doesn’t stop him, though, as you’ll find out.


Jason Wade Thriller Trilogy

Not only does Jason chase his story, he also confronts his own past and becomes a hero.

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What I’m Reading: Whales and Tails Mysteries

When I first saw these books listed on Amazon, I thought the titles (and the covers – I’m big on covers) were silly, but why not give them a try? I did, and now the series is one of my favorites. Just goes to show you never know about a book until you read it….

The first book in the series is “Romeow and Juliet.” See what I mean about the titles? The story, however, is compelling and kept my interest throughout. As I’ve said before, if it doesn’t hook me and keep me interested, any book is history. This book has everything: a dead body, romance, and a side story about cats in love.

Whales 1

Romeow and Juliet

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