What I’m Reading: Aunt Bessie Mysteries

Aunt Bessie is a unique character. She’s never been married and has no children. She is of indeterminate age, being old enough to have a bus pass (60) and too young to get a telegram (a card) from the Queen (100). She’s never had a paying job, but she’s an enthusiastic volunteer, and for some reason, she seems to be constantly finding dead bodies. Since she loves to walk on the beach, that’s where she finds some of them. She’s called Aunt Bessie because she has provided biscuits and sympathy for most of the island’s teens over the years, while always checking with their parents and teaching them good manners. When visiting as adults, they still do the washing up.

Aunt Bessie Assumes is the first book of the series. I’m now reading the 14th book, and the 16th one is scheduled to be released soon.

Aunt Bessie

Aunt Bessie Assumes

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What I’m Reading: Ravenwood Cove Cozy Mysteries

This is an entertaining cozy mystery series with, as the blurb says, a mild PG rating – “because hey, there’s a dead guy in it.” Amanda Graham is the heroine of this series, and she’s pretty much a murder magnet. She inherits a B&B that’s in dire need of renovation, and of course there’s a dead body in the garden.

The first of eight books in the series is Bed, Breakfast, & Bones. Sounds disgusting, but I still recommend it, especially if you’re a cozy fan like me. Plus I love pink, so…. there’s that.


Bed, Breakfast, & Bones

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What I’m Reading: Peridale Café Cozy Mysteries

I started reading this series by Agatha Frost some time ago, and have been reading each installment as they’ve become available. I read a lot of books, and I especially like cozies. This cozy mystery series is a favorite of mine, and I keep hoping it will never end. The first book of the series is Pancakes and Corpses. The heroine is Julia South, who owns the Peridale Café, finds the dead bodies, and solves the crimes.


Pancakes and Corpses

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What I’m Reading: Hawg Heaven Cozy Mysteries

Just when I thought Summer Prescott might be running out of words, I discovered the Hawg Heaven series of culinary cozy mysteries. I’m wondering if she’s either really a robot, or several people? Can’t be, the books are all too much fun to read!

These mysteries center on a military widow whose husband was killed in the line of duty. She goes back to her childhood home with her son, buys an old building, and starts an eatery called Hawg Heaven with lots of scrumptious pork and bacon dishes. Everything goes great until a dead body turns up and scary characters threaten her.

Hawg Heaven

Patriot’s Passing

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What I’m Reading: Key West Cozy Mysteries

As promised, more Summer Prescott books! It looks like this series was written in between the Frosted Love books, and there are 8 in the set. A few characters cross over from other series, notably “creepy neighbor” Tim.

The first book is A Lime to Kill.

Lime Kill

Lime Die

Book #8 is Live and Lime Die.

Of course the plots center around murder and Key Lime pie (one of my favorite pie flavors). The books are fun to read, and fill the daily cozy requirement. As usual, I like Summer’s books and recommend them, especially if you are 1.) a murder mystery fan, 2.) a cozy fan, or 3.) a pie fan.

Key Lime forever!